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About history dictation

In our traditional concept, “history” is a serious word, the history knowledge we learnt must has certain influence or history books’ contents written by knowledgeable scholars. For example, in our country the study of ancient history mainly based on <Shih Chi>, <Han Shu> and so on these ancient historians’ history books. But because of these historians’ age limitation and class limitation, we are hard to find out the reality of history, nor can we find more truths of valuable historical events from folk people. With the development of science and technology and social progressing today, we no longer only use the method of writing historical books to record our history, we use digital camera, video, tape recorder such modern equipment to involve more people in the history events recording. Through the interviewing of many people, keeping and recording the truest aspect of history is the final purpose of our “oral history” project. Oral history in short is searching and collecting oral instruction memory and personal opinions with history meaning in a method of audio interview. Our reasons of having oral interview are asking some questions never asked before, collecting some memory that will disappear if not do so.

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