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Original is our principle. To finish the work, we travel many area in Ningxia to collect our first-handed information. It maybe a hard exporlation. we have experienced many things that seldom can be experienced by most youngsterswho grown in big cities, and the hard give us deep impress.

In winter,the weather in the north is very cold. We had our lunch on the unoccupied sand. For gathering up material at first hand,we girls had to go down the hole.
The sun went down, the winter wind is rustling. No bus was showed up in the distance. For taking a good photograph,my hands was frozen.
We wrote down all of datas first, and later The datas was fed into the computer. I am hungry too,shall I share the food?
Before rendering a report to teacher Cheng, Li Enzu made a tour schedule till later night. We were not permitted in without tickets. It costed teacher Cheng a lot of money.
It says 'Climbing is forbidden', or the traveller fighted one's way out! Nobody hearded more attentively than us.
It's dark. Shall we discuss the remaining issues after we go back? Annoying doodle.
Have you any faith in what he says? The fossil-fuel power plant causes severe pollution.
At length we arrived at our destination, Helan Mountain. I am lucky. Such sheeps rarely met with.
This is the famous rock painting of the Helan Rock Arts. See, this is Xixia characters.
A whole regiments of sparrows are nowhere to be seen in large cities. UFO visited Helan Rock Painings District on July 25,2003.