In ordinary environment extraordinary art

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 In environment waste product

Harms our health the pollution! We find at everywhere waste product!

We must have change our environment consciousness



   We can see the waste all over. The white waste are concerned, those things grow in the world, but bring the crisis.

    (1) eye pollution: it ruin the city and site

    (2)potential harming, if it come into the environment, giving the long time and deep problems.

The mother give out all her own, but we dont how to return her. Our treatment to the waste makes the fishes go out of the their home and filling the waste. We have to think how to treat it and then into the artworks.Mother makes the shoes with the rags for us, not only saves moreover may protect the environment.

Looks at shoe sole that fine handwork, Actually that is the rags which and the small short line does not want with others makes

They will save the environment. Our harm to the environment, we see the harm through the pictures. We feel the crisis.