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Questionnaire about Ningxia Paste Food

1. Is Youxiang the same thing as Fried Cack?
a. Yes
b. No
2. Is the name Youxiang called by Hui nationality or Han?
a. Han
b. Hui
3. Which one of the following is Saozi Noodles made from?
a. paddy
b. Chinese sorghum
c. wheat
d. corn
4. Is Chaohubo a kind of cake?
a. yes
b. no
5. Is thinness or thickness better suited to Chaohubo?
a. thickness
b. thinness
6. On birthday we often eat long Saozi Noodles, what does this tradition symbolize?
a. endless enjoyment
b. long life
c. carrying something through to the end
d. wealth and happiness
7. Which is you and your family¡¯s favorite?
a. noodles made by hands
b. noodles made by roller
8. Are you willing to choose to work in the industry of paste food?
a. yes
b. no
c. not sure
9. Which of the following emperors promoted the tradition that long noodles symbolized long life?
a. Kangxi
b. Liu Qi
c. Liu Che
10. How to fold the flatten paste dough when making long life Saozi Noodles?
a. fold one time
b. fold two times
11. Is Hubo made from raised paste?
a. yes
b. no
12. Does the paste of Sanzi need to be fermented?
a. yes
b. no
13. Which nationality is Sanzi the special food of?
a. Han nationality
b. Hui nationality
14. Have you ever tasted Braised Mianjin?
a. yes
b. no
15. Is it necessary to steam for making Diandan?
a. yes
b. no
16. Does the dough become Mianjin after it is washed in cold water?
a. yes
b. no
17. Does Mianjin need to be fried?
a. yes
b. no
18. Should Latiaozi be made from long-time or short-time growing period wheat flour?
a. long-time
b. short-time
19. Should the dough for Latiaozi be sturdy or soft?
b. sturdy
20. Have you heard of the story of the origin of Cut Noodles?
a. yes
b. no
21. Is Chaogede in round shape?
a. yes
b. no
22. Can Guotie be made from dough unfermented?
a. yes
b. no
23. Is only white granulated sugar used in making Tangmaya?
a. yes
b. no
24. How many strands does Youguzi has?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
25. Dose the sheet for wrapping dumpling has center thicker than edge?
a. yes
b. no
26. In Chinese New Year Eve, at what time does eating dumplings symbolize the beginning of New Year?
a. before 12 pm
b. after 12 pm