Paper-cut and Drawing

I was fond of drawing when I was little. I started my painting at the age of 4. Because few people knows painting here, I had to learn to it by myself. My another hobby is paper-cut. When I participated in the CyberFair competion, the teacher encouraged me to express the subject of our website by paper-cut and drawing. I am very happy to have this chance to challeng myself. For painting pictures well, I made myself to learn how to do dumpling. I hope that everyone likes our works. Thanks very much!
<Chen Yanzhi>
<Ji Qing You Yu>
<Xiang Gou Song Fu>
<Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan>
<He He Mei Mei>
<Xiong Ji Bao Xiao>
<Nian Nian You Yu>

The pictures of Wu Qiuyan, and this is a process of Jiu Mian.
The pictures of Liu Shihui, and this is a process of Frying Youbing.
The pictures of Chen Yanzhi, and this is some process of all kinds of Pastries.
Braise Geda (1)
Braise Geda (2)
Braise Geda (3)
Mian Jin (1)
Mian Jin (2)
Mian Jin (3)
Eating Jiaozi
Making Sanzi
Frying Youbing
Face likes Peachblossom
All kinkds of Pastries
La Tiaozi