I am Yu Yongzhong, headmaster of Taole No.1 Middle School. I am pleased that Miss Yan and her 4 team members can participate in Cyber Fair. Because we are in a rather backward place and have little access to outside world, our students seldom take part in such large and formal contest. The Cyber Fair is the first international activity even in our Taole Town. So our school offers them support as possible as we can. I hope our web can show the best of Ningxa.
I am Wu Jumei, teaching music Taole Middle School. I am the neighbor of Yan Yueqin. I often come to Yan¡¯s home and learn a lot of their activity. Her four team members worked very hard. I hope they can be successful.
I am Niu Zhijun, teaching Chinese in Taole No.1 Middle School. I knew Yan and her students taking part in Cyber Fair when she borrowed digital camera from me. I think it is a good opportunity we can not miss. Sometimes I give them help when they have problem of using the digital camera. I hope they can be successful.
I am Ma Yingbo, teaching physics in Taole No.1 Middle School. Yan and I have been friends for many years. I think the activity is very significant. We had discussions on the topic of the web. And Ningxia paste food is a good one. I hope you like our hometown¡¯s paste food and Yan¡¯s team will be successful.
Liu Shihui is shy and not willing to post her photos on the web. But she kept paying attention to our project. She often joined our discussion and drew the making process of fried cake. Thank for her help and hope our work not let her down.
It is a pity we don't take photos of Wu Yanqiu. But we won't forget her help to us. She drew the illustration of Jiumian making process for our web. We really appreciate what she has done for our project.
I am Chen Hai teaching physics in Taole No.1 Middle School. Chen Yanzhi is my daughter. The activity helps to strengthen her will and is significant for her future life. She has realized that she will gain nothing if she pays no pain. I promised that if award goes to their web I would bring her to Beijing for traveling. In fact no matter their web gets award or not, I will do that. She has tried her best. At same time I would like to thank the teachers and Town and Talent for their help and support.
It is our team's photo. Zu Lei's mom, Gao Cong' mom and Chen Yanzhi's grandma join our discussion on paste food and gives us many suggestions.
Zu Lei's mom says'After the contest, I will prepare a grand Ningxia paste food feast.'
Gao Cong's mom says' I hope you grow up healthily and happily.'
Chen Yanzhi¡¯s grandma is very cute. She says 'Bring some paste food and let them have a taste.' Hearing this we all have belly laugh, she thinks we will fly to America for the Fair.
I am pleased to be interviewed. Our Tongle Restaurant has a long history and our special thing is fried cake. I want to take this opportunity to introduce it to you and we expect you to come to have a taste. And I hope Yan's team will be successful.
I run this restaurant for not a long time, but my chicken Guotie attract a lot of customers. I am pleased to show how to make the chicken Guotie and expect more people know about Ningxia paste food. And I hope web turn out success.
I am glad the Yan's team interviews my vendor. We make living selling on the paste food and our life becomes better. I hope their web will successful.
Friends from Town and Talent, thank you for your support and help to our western schools. Thank the colleagues of School Operation Department for providing the platform that makes us participate in such a grand international contest. You gave us instructions for building the website patiently and your encouragement has always been the dynamic for our proceeding in hardship. We really appreciate that.