Study Log

First Report From Liu Guoyuan
Date Oct. 13, 2005
Subject We are a special team
Content I am very glad to join the team. Since I am more convenient to get access to internet, I will be responsible for conveying the latest information of Cyber Fair, arranging time and looking for some material. Teachers and students are mainly responsible for collecting local information and interview. We will study how to build a website together. I will contact you by email and telephone. It is a pity that I can not join you for the interview for the long distance. But I believe we can make it!
Second Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Oct. 13, 2005
Subject First email contact
Content Today I received the email from Liu Guoyuan who is our instructing teacher. We will need to discuss on our subject. And I am to communicate with others of our team. I am very glad we can participate in the activity and we believe we will benefit from it.
Third Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Oct. 14, 2005
Subject Right attitude
Content Today after school, our team members gathered in my home and had a talk with Liu Guoyuan on the internet. But after a short time the net got problem and we had to talk through the phone. We exchanged our ideas and set the subject. It doesn't matter if we can get any award. Most important is we can learn a lot things if we try our best.
Fourth Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Oct. 14, 2005
Subject First contact with Mr. Liu
Content Mr. Liu told me his idea today. It is very important to collect material and interview. He said we must join our hands for success. I am full of confidence now.
Fifth Report From Lv Dongzhi
Date Oct. 21, 2005
Subject First meeting
Content Today we came to our teacher's home. We had a talk with Mr. Liu Guoyuan who was in Tianjin. We set our subject of Ningxia paste food. I knew little about internet and computer. But encouraged by the teachers, I have more confidence.
Sixth Report From Gao Cong
Date Oct. 21, 2005
Subject I am worried
Content Today our team members had a meeting. I am worried as I know we will build website because I know nothing about it. But our teacher encouraged me I could make it if I would try my best.
Seventh Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Oct. 29, 2005
Subject Recording
Content We asked a girl to read the poem My Hometown Ningxia in Ningxia dialect and we recorded it. It is very interesting. And here I would like to thank for the little girl's reading.
Eighth Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Nov. 4, 2005
Subject Sharing
Content Today we had another meeting with Liu Guoyuan. He told us to share all the ideas and problems. And photos were needed. We borrowed a digital camera and we would learn how to use it in a short time.
Ninth Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Nov. 5, 2005
Subject Problem
Content We need digital camera to build our website, but none of us gets one. Fortunately our teacher borrowed one and she taught us how to use it patiently. After a while we could master it.
Tenth Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Nov. 6, 2005
Subject Taking photos
Content Today I asked my team members to collect material of Saozi noodles. But they were worried about the task and didn't want to do it. I became serious and said you could do nothing for being afraid of this and that. Then they started off and came back with a few wonderful photos. I am glad they have begun their first step.
11th First Report From Lv Dongzhi
Date Nov. 10, 2005
Subject Failed interview
Content We were criticized by our teacher for being afraid of going to interview. We entered every restaurant we saw but all of them refused to be interviewed. As we were almost in despair one person told us how to make Saozi noodles very briefly. But she refused to be taken photos. Although it was a failure, at least we began to do it independently.
12th Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Nov. 15, 2005
Subject Good father
Content Till today I know my father is good at cooking Saozi noodles. My mother and I assisted him to cook it and I know how to roll and cut the dough.
13th Report From Zu Lei
Date Nov. 17, 2005
Subject Designing questionnaire
Content We gathered in our teacher's home and discuss on how to design questionnaire. We refereed to several awarded websites. And we had a few of questions.
14th Report From Yan Yueqing
Date Nov. 19, 2005
Subject Preparing for interview in Yinchuan
Content We decide to have interview for a Jiaozi( dumpling) restaurant in Yinchuan. My students are very excited and we prepare many questions.
15th Report Frome Gao Cong
Date Nov. 19, 2005
Subject Learning from grandparents
Content We have learned from my grandparents how to roll the dough evenly and thinly.
16th Report From Liu Guoyuan
Date Nov. 25, 2005
Subject I am touched
Content We reviewed last week's work and I felt our team didn't proceed smoothly. It is difficult for them who are in the backward western areas to complete such a project. They were turned cold shoulder several times as they interviewed the restaurants. The teacher Yan Yueqing has to spend her own money tasting the food and interviewing. She provided her computer to the students. And their tools are not good enough. However, they have a strong desire to make the outside world know more about their hometown and perseverance to make things better. I believe they can overcome all the difficulties and successfully complete the job.
17th Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Nov. 26, 2005
Subject Appointment
Content Today after school, I went to a Muslim restaurant that was famous for its oil fried cake. And they were willing to be interviewed on Sunday. I am very glad for this.
18th Report From Zu Lei
Date Dec. 3, 2005
Subject A happy day
Content Today we rode bikes to a Muslim restaurant for interview. The manager was pleased for our coming. I took a few photos of the oil fried cakes and the manager showed us how to cook it. Finally, we put on Muslim white hat and took photos.
19th Report From Gao Cong
Date Dec. 10, 2005
Subject Having braised Mianjin
Content Today we went to Zu Lei' home to have a taste of his mother's braised Mianjin. The Mianjin her cooked really tasted very good. And she promised us to teach us how to make Mianjin.
20th Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Dec. 11, 2005
Subject Zu Leií»s mom cooked for us
Content Zu Lei's mom cooked nipped noodles mixed with mutton. She showed us how to cook it and we had practice.
21th Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Dec. 25, 2005
Subject Interviewing small restaurant
Content We learned how to make Yangpanchan in a small restaurant. We learned how to twist the strips of pastry and fry them.
22th Report From Gao Cong
Date Jan. 6, 2006
Subject Legend of Jiaozi(dumpling)
Content Today we found the legend of Jiaozi on the internet.
23th Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Jan. 7, 2006
Subject Fried Sanzi
Content Today we learned how to cook fried Sanzi in a small restaurant. And it tastes very good.
24th Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Jan. 15, 2006
Subject Mianjin
Content Today Zu Lei's mom showed us how to make Mianjin by washing pastry. It is very interesting and like magic when a pastry became Mianjin after washing the pastry.
25th Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Jan. 24, 2006
Subject Long-life noodles
Content Today I found a story about the origin of the long-life noodles. It is a custom since Han Dynasty and I knew why people liked to eat long noodles in birthday.
26th Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Feb. 9, 2006
Subject Printing questionnaire
Content We printed 15 questionnaires about Ningxia paste food and I asked 15 schoolmates to answer them. They did it carefully.
27th Report From Zu lei
Date Feb. 14, 2006
Subject Investigating children between 7-10
Content Our teacher gave me 6 questionnaires about Ningxia paste food. My targets are children between 7-10. I let two share one questionnaire. Since they could not read some of the questions, I read for them. And I got 12 answers.
28th First Report From Gao Cong
Date Feb. 17, 2006
Subject Investigating middle aged peopl
Content Lu Dongqing's parents answered our questionnaire and they asked other 6 friends to answer them. We got 8 answers.
29th Report From Chen Yanzhi
Date Feb. 21, 2006
Subject Investigating senior people
Content read the questions to 15 senior persons and I got 15 answers.
30th Report From Lv Zhidong
Date Feb. 28, 2006
Subject Fried cake
Content My mom knew a family that could cook fried cake and they were willing to introduce how to make it. And we visited the family and we learned the process of cooking fried cake.
31th Report From Gao Cong
Date Mar. 1, 2006
Subject First time hearing of Diandan
Content We interviewed an old woman who told us some knowledge and something unforgettable for her as for Ningxia paste food. She said it was hard to find Diandan nowadays. If we didn't build the website we would not have known there was a kind of paste food called Diandan.
32th Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Mar. 6, 2006
Subject Learning how to build website
Content We have had enough material and the current task is to build our website. But I have no experience of it. I must have a good study. Firstly I learned some basic skills and knowledge and then asked help for Liu Guoyuan. But he was also lack of such experience. So he consulted his colleagues and we communicated by chatting on the internet. Gradually, we had much improvement.
33th Report From Liu Guoyuan
Date Mar. 7, 2006
Subject Difficult beginning
Content I have little experience of building a website but I consult my colleagues who are good at it. After learning and discussing with each other, Miss Yan and I already have established the framework of our website.
34th Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Mar. 9, 2006
Subject Join our hands to build our website
Content Building website is a totally strange thing to me and my students. But I believe we can gain a lot from the activity.
35th Report From Yan Yueqin
Date Mar. 10, 2006
Subject Rudiment of our website
Content We have had a rudiment of our website and next we need to perfect all the material, then ask for help from Town and Talent to translate into English.
36th Report From Liu Guoyuan
Date Mar. 12, 2006
Subject Surprise
Content Our company's leaders were very surprised when they saw our work. They could hardly believe it was made by our western member schools. So we have much more confidence.
37th Report From Liu Guoyuan
Date Mar. 16, 2006
Subject Thanks
Content Our website is near completion. Here I would like to extend our thanks to all the people give us so much help and support. Thank you very much!
38th Report From Liu Guoyuan
Date Mar. 17, 2006
Subject Completion
Content After six months endeavor, we finally complete our work. We are very glad and expecting good result.