* The Great Prayer Festival * Saga Dawa Festival
* The Auspicious Heavenly Maid Festival * Prayer Wheel * Year-end Festival * The Lamp Festival
Festival in the Ta'er Temple

The people in China's Tibet have devoutly worshipped Tibetan Buddhism for more than 1,300 years. Tibetan Buddhism has a profound influence on the many festivals in the region. TaˇŻer Lamasery holds four big festivals and two small festivals. Many of the festivals have evolved into purely religious events due to the fact that Tibetan people, long faced with extremely harsh natural conditions and heavy labor, have continually yearned for the blessings and protection of Buddha. They indeed believe that Buddha will help them effect a change in their fate.

The Tibetan calendar, which is quite similar to the lunar calendar followed in areas home to members of the Han Nationality, lists festivals in almost every month.

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