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The Scale of Building

Ta¡¯er Monastery consists of halls, Jingtang(sutra halls), dagobas, monks¡¯ dorms and pavilions. It lies in the mountain gap called Gongbalongwa.

Ta¡¯er Monastery covers the area of 40 hectares. Its dozens of halls and dagobas wave in the mountain and look wonderfully compatible. The center Dajinwa Hall is the main architecture, looking grand and magnificent with beautiful golden roof. Dajinwa Hall, the majestic Dajing Hall and other special halls strewing random, like Maitreya Buddha Hall, Warrior Hall, Sakyamuni Hall, Manjusri Hall and Changshou Hall have the characteristics of Qinghai woodcarving and Gansu brick carving art, Qinghai folk construction and Zang Nationality style. These buildings constitute great construction group combining Han and Zang Nationality¡¯s special style. In addition, the dagobas and the ancient trees reaching the sky make the Monastery more magnificent.

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