The entire content of this project's webpage has been personally written by the team members or re-organized on the basis of historical information from relevant reference books. We respect the intellectual property rights, and have quoted all the sources of information in the "References" section. Photographs in the webpages are taken by us with our digital camera, while historical pictures are mostly obtained by Huangzhong County Museum and Huangzhong County Religion Department.

1. Historical photos are provided by Ta¡¯er Monastery Management Committee, Huangzhong County Museum, Huangzhong County Religious Department.

2. Huangzhong County Annals, published by Qinghai People¡¯s Public House, edited by Huangzhong County Annals Committee.

3. Culture of Ta¡¯er Monastery, published by Qinghai People¡¯s Public House, written by Yang Minggui.

4. Lovely Huangzhong, published by Huangzhong County Education Department.

5. Holy Place, published by Qinghai People¡¯s Public House, written by Cao Zhangqi and Xia Lianqi.

6. Qinghai News Web, .

7. Qinghai Tourism Web, .

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