Project Narrative 

Title: Ta¨er Lamasery

Historical Landmarks


Bibliography: The entire content of this project's webpage has been personally written by the team members or re-organized on the basis of historical information from relevant reference books. We respect the intellectual property rights, and have quoted all the sources of information in the "References" section. Photographs in the webpages are taken by us with our digital camera, while historical pictures are mostly obtained by Huangzhong County Museum and Huangzhong County Religion Department.

School: Qinghai Province Huangzhong County Dacai Middle School,P.R.China
6 students, ages 14-15 worked together to complete this CyberFair project on March 16, 2006. They have participated in CyberFair in the following year(s):2006

Classes and Teachers: Mr. Cao Yuanzhng, Mr. Liu Fagang, Mr. Tan Liang

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Our school website:

Project Process and Workload:

6 Students

Ma Guicai
Li Yulong
Zhao Shengxiang
Ma Youzhong
Dong Shengfa
Liu Zhanwen

1、Collect historic material
2、Read historic material
3、Confirm and begin outline
5、Record interview
6、Take pictures
7、Write and edit
8、Report progress
9、Make website
3 teachers
Cao Yuanzhang
Liu Fagang
Tang Liang

1、Hold group meeting
2、Set subject and plan
3、Provide material and give instruction
4、Arrange interview
5、Instruct making website and review
6、Instruct using computer

Ta¨er Lamasery Management Committee;
Huangzhong County Religion Department;
Huangzhong County Museum;
Some parents
1、Provide material and assistance
3、Share experience
4、Give advice

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