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Our group consists of 7 people.

Monitor: shangqingsheng

Vice monitor: yanhaicheng

Members: xiaowenjin, zhaoqiannan, xiaoyu, jiangyuan, chenhong


We are very happy for this match, because it provided the good knowledge, let us know what is the real people styles. After that, I become the brave. This match let me know the rich culture, not just eating the cool noodles and insert some tree branches. But through the interview, our understanding is more deep than the duanwu festival. with our pursuit, we know why we should take the cool noodles, and then start to know the homeland rich inside. We also learn a lot which is unlearned in the book, such as the thinking way and solving way, affecting my growing. I truly thanks to the organization, learn from it much. If I have chance, I will registered and do it better.


                            Xiao wenjin

I am zhaoqiannan, the joiner, this is my first time to join the match, I feel confident and brave to know all the habbit. Through this match, we know a lot from the computer processing. I think my knowledge get widened. Before I do my homework, I never think it and ask the teacher for the hard point. But through the match, I changed. In the point of why we insert the branches, I ask my parents first for the answer but failed. And then Mr. shang ask the culture officer, but also failed. So we have to ask the historic teacher. He lead us to the library. But there is no book about this, we are so disappointed. Some of us want to give it up. This time, Mr. Yan advise us that: if we start, we have to move forward. It is because hard, so we need to overcome it. So our report is valuable. Finally, with the help of the town, we solved problem with the datong culture museum. From this, we know that where there is a will, there is a way.



Zhao qiannan

I am a member of the match, and very happy to join the match. In this match we interview many people. I am a little bit implicit. When we registered, i was pulled by one friend. Because I am nervous with the teacher, let alone the interview. But no other choice, I have to be there. I never thought that i need to interview the leader of the town and culture museum. Want to escape? No, I lose my face before the students. So I have to do it. At the start, I am nervous. Those ask the question boldly, I just can record it. Looking other enjoying it, and the officer carefully answer the questions, I want to try. And then the officer answer it. I am so happy. After that, I am more explicity and brave. I have my own idea.



Xiao yu


I am yanxueliang, attending the match, this is my first to join such a big match. Mr. Yan according to my good, let me do the webpage with him. With the direction of Mr. Yan, I learn how to make the frontpage, and how to process. This knowledge didn’t include at the book. So I learn and teacher taught carefully. When our group finally finished, our dean is so happy after looking it. His remarks is so fast and clever. I am happy with that. Thanks a lot to Mr. Yan. He teach us so many computer knowledge. Thanks the town and talent, they give us the chance and confidence.



Jiang yuan

I am the student attending the webpage match, and nervous to attend this match. I don’t want to show off, just for practice. This match teach me knowledge not on the internet and speed up my typewrite. Also we met some hard in the internet. Every interview, we need walk there. Road is far and hard. sometimes they don’t want to accept the interview. Also my study fall behind from this match. Anyway, this match is worthy to join, which makes my mind rich and wide horizon and happier life. Through this interview we have the deep feeling about Chinese tradition. After the interview, we are happy to share the fruit with them to let know more, deeply, and Chinese culture. Owing to their strong request, we hold the meeting to let them know duanwu and the Chinese deep culture.


Cheng hong

     I am the teacher joining the match. The first time list the duanwu as the national holiday means the attention from the country. The traditional culture is the treasure of the country, with the impact from the foreign festival on us, as a teacher, we should protect the traditional festival. this theme is surrounded the by the culture, let the students knowing the traditional festival and the charm of it. In the actual practice, this research theme is not limited into the five students. Through the interview, we give the meeting and speech to carry on the duanwu and culture for deep understanding the culture charm.

Shang qingsheng



I am the teacher of the webpage making, all the students are energetic and carefull. I am very happy about it. This match is mianly cohesive, no matter the interview and webpage. The match has been over itself, being the education of the students. Owing to the separate division half students know the duanwu and experiencing the unique charm, nurturing the patriotism. In addition, it is a point to nurture the ability. Though the webpage is not perfect, our group is good. Thank to the town and talent providing the chance to practice.



Yang haicheng

This webpage is done by the studio in center middle school.