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—Project Overview

> The research theme purpose:

Many support the non-material culture relic, which belongs to an unknown folk art. We hope we can introduce more people this activity so that it continues to go on.

> The research used the communication tech:

Hardware: computer, camera and scanner

Computer software: Dreamweaver 8、 Photoshop 、 Microsoft Word 、 Outlook Express 、 Internet Explorer 、 flash 8.0、 firework 8.0

Internet: wideband(2M)

> The influence of this plan:

This activity can not only improve our cultural knowledge and computer using skills but also strengthen our love to this land. During the process, we understood that no matter what we do we should have a pursuit spirit and take responsibility for the traditional culture.

> The description of the webpage work related the intellectual property:

The whole webpage was all edited by the staff of our own searching with the help of related books and according to the history. We respect the intellectual property. All the materials are from” references”. The pictures we used were scanned and taken by the scanner and camera.

> Finding, surprise and hoping:

Through webpage search, we found the zizhong leaf nerve painter. After working, we finally met Mr. Sun wenguang. He is over 70, with silver hair but energetic and with a flame face. He invited us entering into his home. After making our purpose clear, he talked to us warmly. From his talking, we got to know the whole process of leaf nerve.

> Reference:








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