Peacekeeping Mission/About us/Our team

Three of us came together to participate in the special topic of this project, because we share a common interest, which is concerned with international events, due to this common goal we all came here. Our teachers and computer instructors gave us a lot of help, taught us how to find information, how to make webpages and so on. Our school leadership also guided us in how to write a report, how to research projects and gave us abudant of time and space.

Because of our access to information is very narrow, for this project, we worked together, tried a variety of methods, even mobilized our students and community volunteers who are willing to give us help, so that we can broaden their horizons, finding more valuable information. In a few months, we have recognized a lot of new friends, we're very excited, I feel we have a great team support behind us.

Each of us in this project are very hard and sometimes we even discuss our project at lunch. We are very hard for months, but this is an unforgettable extracurricular learning journey, we absorb new knowledge, new ideas in practice, accepting a new idea. Project research cannot be separable from our teachers, here we would like to sincerely thank our teachers, the leadership of Changxi's armed forces and those who in the course of the study to help us. We are also grateful to the school's other students. Finally, thanks our school giving us this opportunity, thanks Qianxiangwancai company led us forward into the diplomacy door.


Sichuan Province Cangxi County vocational high school