Peacekeeping Mission/About us/Instructors

Ma Hongkai
Teacher Ma is our computer teacher. He was the first advocate for students ' participation in the "door to diplomacy" of people, he tells us what diplomatic door is, how to research topics and gives us a lot of information.

"Door to Diplomacy" open our windows
"Door to Diplomacy" mission is to encourage more young people to focus on international events, concerned with foreign affairs, students participated in "Door to Diplomacy" representing ambassador of their own countries in the competition that having the national diplomatic missions. In campus life, most students carrying the burden of further studies, very few students to take the initiative concerned with State Affairs, global events, I hope that the three students in our school would open a new situation, through the "door to diplomacy", broaden their horizons and become a responsible person.


Zhao Ke
Miss Zhao is also a computer teacher in our school, he is also a military enthusiasts. He believes that the State's foreign exchanges in military activities are an important part of national diplomatic activity,where peacekeeping operations is an important means of international military diplomacy, our students should be aware of these.

"Tribute to the peacekeepers"
Peacekeepers disregard one's own safety during the operation, heroic struggle, have stood the test of a hail of bullets. Peacekeepers in the international peacekeeping mission shoulder international mission, fulfill internationalist duty, defy difficulties, great trust in task, worthy of mission and respect for life at the same time, they protect the lives of other people at the expense of their own personal lives to keep the local peace and order, this action has won worldwide respect and praise.


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