Peacekeeping Mission/Peacekeeping and diplomacy

We believe that international peacekeeping is an important part of international cooperation, therefore international peacekeeping has became an important force in international diplomacy.

International peacekeeping is actually promoting world peace through diplomatic means, which is consistent with peoples including the wishes of the people in the conflict. International peacekeeping can be set up in countries through multilateral arena to shape responsible state image.

Those into conflict intervention desiring to peacekeeping operations are always weak, developing countries, so they generally welcomed the peacekeeping force from various countries. States take advantage of doing positive things, through its participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations, to effectively promote the traditional friendship and cooperation among different countries.

International peacekeeping operations adhere to the "non-interference in internal affairs" principles, while also insisted on calm and realistic analysis of the hot spots of solution to the problem. Although the fundamental solution to the conflict the problem lays in economic development and perseverance in consultations and negotiations, but both in short-term and long-term perspective, peacekeeping operations can play a role in mitigating conflicts as well as bring in time and space to negotiations.

We see from various kind of media that China has became an active participant in United Nations peacekeeping operations. China recognized that the United Nations peacekeeping operations is an important means of safeguarding world security, although not fundamentally solve the problem, but it can ease the contradiction. In April 1990, China dispatched 5 military observers to ' the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization ' to participate in United Nations peacekeeping operations for the first time. Nowadays, Cambodia in Asia, Lebanon in the Middle East , Darfur, Sudan in Africa, Haiti of Latin America, Kosovo and more parts of Europe have been around the figure of Chinese peacekeeping force. Being a country of the responsible attitude, China has contributed a lot to United Nations peacekeeping operations these years.


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