Peacekeeping Mission/Our viewpoint/Challeng

Through several months research we have found, today international situation trend is peace overall, while some old contradictions and conflict gradually are becoming ease, but new contradictions and conflict also follows, some nation and area interior of national, religious, social contradictions extremly deteriorated, leading fierce civil war and armed conflict frequently to occur, and international social peacekeeping action is in face of more complex and difficult task of while, also faces new challenge and threat.

Sharp growth in demand for peacekeeping, United Nations peacekeeping missions are also more complex and diverse than ever. In the last century, the international peacekeeping forces, mainly in conflicts between nations for the maintenance or restoration of peace. However, nowadays for most of the existing peacekeeping operations is a State of civil war. Conflicts in these countries or regions, in addition to the United Nations force to monitor the ceasefire in the traditional sense, peacekeeping activities are also involved in political transition, economic reconstruction, the return of refugees, humanitarian aid, the organization of elections and other activities, even sometimes serves as the interim administration. Peace-building has became an important component of the peacekeeping mission.

Diversification of the tasks of peacekeeping operations made in the case of post-conflict countries or areas requires more personnel and funding of peacekeeping operations, peacekeeping operations are usually of a larger scale. Serious shortage of funds limited the development of the peacekeeping force. Due to lack of funding, the United Nations inability to build and maintain a dedicated and efficient peacekeeping forces. Serious shortage of manpower resource is the main issue facing to the implementation of the United Nations peacekeeping operations. The United Nations itself does not have an army, peacekeeping force requires countries to voluntarily provide it, but some of the enthusiasm of the country to send peacekeepers are not high.



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