Peacekeeping Mission/Our viewpoint/Development

We believe that the 21st century world as a whole tended to be peaceful, but the United Nations peacekeeping mission will do nothing to reduce than it is now, and even has the potential to increase. We think that in order to successfully complete the difficult task, the United Nations must uphold the peacekeeping authority, play the role of the parties, do work for conflict prevention to contribute to world peace.

United Nations peacekeeping operations is an important means of safeguarding world security, although not fundamentally solve the problem, but it can ease the contradiction. During 1948 to 2000, 54 peacekeeping operations involved a total of 52 countries and regions, the vast majority of which are developing countries. Many countries in the world to actively participate in international peacekeeping, having contributed a lot to world peace, as a student, I would like to see more countries involved in this glorious mission, more countries and organizations stand together, sympathy and support the turmoil country to solve their problems.

International peacekeeping is also a stage shows national image. As a responsible great country, efforts should be made to shoulder the international affairs mission, strive to make their own efforts for world peace, reflecting a responsible national image. We also hope to participate in international peacekeeping in the future, sending sunlight of peace to the people in the war.



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