Peacekeeping Mission/UN Peacekeeping operations/The international day of United Nations peacekeeping personnel

May 29 is the international day of United Nations peacekeeping personnel.

On May 29, the Office of the United Nations, Member States and non-governmental organizations held a solemn ceremony to mourn the deaths of the peacekeepers. In the United Nations Headquarters, New York, Secretary General presided the wreath ceremony to mark all the United Nations peacekeeping personnel who die on duty under the banner of United Nations. In addition, peacekeepers lost their precious lives for the cause of peace a year earlier will be posthumously awarded the Dag Hammarskj?ld Medal.

Establishment of the international day for the purpose:

1. Tribute to the cause of peace at the expense of the United Nations peacekeeping personnel;

2. Remarkable tribute to the professionalism, dedication and courage of the men and women peacekeepers who have been and are still working for the United Nations peace-keeping operations .

Since its inception of the first mission in United Nations peace-keeping operations in 1948, there has more than 2,900 members of the military, police and civilian personnel have died of violence, accidents and diseases as a dedication to the peace.

United Nations General Assembly in 2002 established the Day of Peacekeeping Personnel. In recent years, we encourage theme day celebration every year:

2011: "Legal order of the peace"---focusing on the maintenance of peace and law institutions

2010: AyitiKanlie (Haiti stands up)---Memorial of 102 United Nations officers (97 of them peacekeepers) killed in Haiti earthquake;

2009: Women in peacekeeping operations ---the important role of peacekeeping personnel;

2008: The 60th anniversary of the United Nations peacekeeping operations


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