Peacekeeping Mission/The topic of peace-keeping operations/ Protect the civilians

Civilians are increasingly becoming victims of armed conflict. The Security Council has authorized a series of peacekeeping operations to protect civilians from physical violence.This challenging task tends to be the value of the international community and people who we are committed to protect judge us as peacekeepers there. Peacekeeping operations in the implementation of this extremely complex but extremely important task facing numerous challenges, such as:

1. Protection of civilians often in bad condition with limited or scarce resources, and sometimes a lack of willingness or ability of partners to complete the task;

2. Often unrealistic expectations in the deployment of peacekeeping operations, assuming that peacekeepers to protect all civilians at all times;

3. The dynamic nature of the place where they perform tasks means that rapidly changing security situation. If they fail to protect the civilian, of course would be hyped, however, it is important to recognize the thousands of United Nations peacekeepers are risking their lives every day to keep civilians from physical harm.


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