Peacekeeping Mission/The topic of peace-keeping operations/The children of the conflict

Through the protection of children suffering from violence, peacekeepers can break the cycle of violence and lay the foundations for lasting peace.

Conflict greatly affects children, many children were abducted, raped, military recruited, killed, disabled and various forms of exploitation.

The work of the Department of peacekeeping operations on other participants plays a supplementary role in child protection, and their cooperation with regard to a comprehensive response is essential. Child protection in peacekeeping duties cannot substitute for the role of local government, this independence makes a certain degree of leeway which can lead to the field of highly political and sensitive activities. We believe that everyone should play a role in peacekeeping operations to protect children from the influence of war.

1. Peacekeeping soldiers are reporting violations against children situation to child protection staff, playing a key role in helping identify and release the child soldiers from armed groups .

2. United Nations police and the national police joint hands to make appropriate responses to protect children.

3. Members of the judiciary to ensure that the protection of children's rights in national legislation.

4. Head of peacekeeping operations to ensure that child protection is a priority for the peace process.


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