Peacekeeping Mission/The topic of peace-keeping operations/Discipline

UN wants all peacekeeping personnel at all times to adhere to the highest level of professional skills and disciplined manner actions and standards of conduct. By the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, "the United Nations and I are firmly committed to our staff that the United Nations zero-tolerance policy of sexual exploitation or abuse. This means that in no way relax. If received credible allegations, we ensure that it would undertake a comprehensive review. This means that no exemption from punishment. "

We found a very small number of peacekeeping staff in the study are not well disciplined, damaging to the local people . Peacekeeping staff should do in peacekeeping:

1. Compliance with local laws, customs and practices;

2. Respect, treated with courtesy and care for host country resident;

3. Doing things in a neutral and fair, pay attention to technique.




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