Peacekeeping Mission/The topic of peace-keeping operations/Human rights

Human rights are a central pillar of the United Nations, all staff engaged in peacekeeping operations are responsible for ensuring the protection and promotion of human rights in the work process.

Most peacekeeping operations include a human rights group. At present, in seven peacekeeping operations and nine special political missions were arranged for staff in human rights. The group is responsible for the implementation of human rights tasks delegated to and helps incorporate human rights issues into all activities of the mission. Human rights group's objectives are:

1. Through short-term and long-term actions to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights;

2. Grant rights of people to maintain and assert their human rights;

3. Prompting the Government and other State institutions to fulfil their human rights obligations and safeguard the rule of law.

2010 Achievements

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights/UNAMA continuous publicity and advocacy should protect the safety of civilians in armed conflict, which prompting the proportion of civilian deaths caused by pro-Government forces has declined. In 2010, the proportion of 16%, lower than 26% in 2009. But the total number of civilian deaths continues to rise (2010 for 2777 persons, 15% more than in 2009).

Democratic Republic of the Congo
On April 4, 2010, under the Joint United Nations Human Rights Office continuous advocacy, Senate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has adopted the relevant draft law to criminalize torture which is a criminal offence and will be severely punished. The law is still awaiting approval. On June 23, 2010, the military Attorney-General had signed two orders, which is due to the efforts of the Joint Human Rights Office of the United Nations. These have all been submitted to the military prosecutor's office, of which contains are designed to help fight the detention measures during the torture and death.

Under advocates of the MINUSTAH human rights sector and then the coordination, United Nations police and military departments, other United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations and the Haitian National Police jointly conducted a security assessment. As a result, each party according to specific strategic plans for joint control, and deployment of police forces in camps, providing protection for displaced people. In addition, around human rights, sexual and gender violence to the United Nations and the security forces in Haiti were provided related training.


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