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The social material wealth
    We can go out for a walk, looking at clothing stores, furniture city, farmers markets, supermarkets, mobile phone shop, the home appliance market, car markets... Everywhere has a mass of bobbing heads, a superb collection of merchandises in a glittering array. To go to have a look in people’s home, TV set, washing machine, freezer, air conditioning ... the fridge is filled with a variety of food, the house is decorated again and again, and furniture is changed again and again. Going to other places to have a look, a section of the road is capacious and bright, highways are leading everywhere, aircraft is flying in the sky, the train is whistling on the land. In the park, exercise equipments are available in all varieties, and elderly and children are chatting in groups or playing. In the square, accompanying with music, people who have a rest here are dancing in a happy mood. On the road, the pedestrian is less and there are more and more cars. The world is changing so quickly, and you know, which the result is obtained from openness.
丰富的水果 超市琳琅满目
snack stalls of supermarket
蔬菜摊一角 服装
Vegetable stalls
婴幼用品 金银首饰
Infant supplies
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