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    The cloth embroidery of Qianyang, also named silk embroidery, is one of an excellent traditional folk art of China. It has a long history, and regarded as a bright pearl of the cultural treasure-house in our country.

    Qianyang artistic embroidery takes silk and satin as the background, with color silk lines, carefully designed by the professional, and then embroidered by the workers, it is a kind of handicrafts with quite local characteristics in Guanzhong area. It is famous with fine embroidery, lively acupuncture, rigorous pattern, joyful color, and vivid atmosphere. And it has rich local features, which is the best gift for the friends and families, and it has a high collection value and ornamental value.

      Traditional embroidery originally came from folk "sachet", "vest", "bellyband" and "pillow" and other accessories and supplies, mainly popular in many areas of Guanzhong and the northern areas. Qianyang Folk Cloth has a long history, its style, color and meaning radiate a strong "Longshan" and "Yangshao" cultural and historical imprints, especially in the past 10 years,  they pursued innovation on the basis of succession, to make with "Stitching, tie up, paste, embroidery "and other folk craft. Most of the subjects are "tiger pillow", "house tiger", "house lion", "magpie trouble plum", "blessing longevity", "dragon, happy, fish string" and other blessing samples.

    With the development of the production process, Qianyang embroidery has developed simulation embroidery. This is a new kind of embroidery which is come into being in recent years. It converges the essence of embroidery in the north and the south of our country. The art is integrated in the East and the West. The needle is on behalf of the pen, with colorful silk instead of Danqing, and with ancient embroidery process depicts the most modern valuable picture.

Embroidered cloth not only embodies delicate and beautiful features of the traditional embroidery, but also reflects the three-dimensional picture, light sense, texture and sense of space strange effect of the whole picture.