Horse Racing
  Tibetan New Year


Horse Racing Festival

Horse Racing is a traditional Festival in Huarui Tibetan area held in every August. The Festival was originally held in memory of the thirteen heroes died for protecting the tribe. Before the starting og th ceremony, guns will fire thirteen times to show respect to these thirteen heroes.

There is a story about how horse racing came into being. Long time ago in August, when the leader of the Huarui Tribe took his soldiers out, the enemies invaded the tribe. Only thirteen survived and were surrounded by the enemies under the Mao Mao Mountain. They needed the help from far away. An 18 years old young man named Luo Sang made a decision to rush out and give the letter to the tribe leader.

Luo Sang feeded his horse with three Zanba(a kind of flour food) and jumped to the back of the horse. Lots of enemies' arrows shoot to him and he was injured. The horse ran to the river quickly and at last cast off the enemies. But the horse and these thirteen heroes died at last.

The leader of Huarui Tribe took 20,000 soldiers and drove out the invaders.

To in memory of these thirteen heroes, in each August, Tibetans will hold horse racing in Tianzhu. Each competition in Horse Racing Festival, top thirteen winners will get prizes. A respectable senior or Lama will give a piece of Hada and three glasses of wine to the winners.



A horse racing is in progress.


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