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There is so much meaning behind this ordinary appearance of Shama Temple.

If you want to know Tibetans ¨C a nationality who conquered Snow-capped plateau, you must enter the house where Tibetans put their soul ¨C temple. Today we went to Shama Temple (Shama is the meaning of red hat in Tibetan), because the first governor of the Temple wore a red hat. Shama Temple has a brilliant history and once was called as ¡®Small temple with great magic power¡¯. Everyday the sound of prayers is sonorously and smoke waves in the wind unceasingly.

The Lama in the temple warmly invited the children and me. When he heard that we were here to know about Huarui culture, he was glad. He showed us a lot of collections and led us to visit each room in the temple. He introduced each place and collections to us for a whole afternoon. Before we left, each child burned cypress branches, it is said that the smoke could open the window of Heaven and all people in the world.

As a belief, I could say without only exaggeration, that Tibetan Buddhism supports the whole spirits of Tibetans. Millions of Tibetans Kowtow to Lhasa (the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region in China) from far away, although the travel is especially hard and some even died from cold, the belief in their heart is not changeable. People should have believes after all. The belief of Tibetans is Tibetan Buddhism. It spreads love and truth, and with this belief, Tibetans are frank and kind. I hope this interview may make more people in understanding Tibetan Buddhism and the belief of the Tibetan.

(Written by Mr. Pu Cheng)

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