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Team Name: Tubote Team
Teachers: Mr. Pu Cheng, Ms. Joy Tree
Students: Jian-lin Shan, Gao Ji-li, Zhang San-jie, Niu Dang-zhi
School: Westland Junior Middle School, Tianzhu County, Gansu Province, China
Thanks for:
- The support from all the employees of Town and Talent Technologies who are responsible for Yellow Sheep River Project

- The mayor of Wuwei City- Mr. Zhao Yong-hong offered us a book of Culture Under snow-capped mountains and encouraged us.
- Mr. Wilson S.H.Lee in Hongkong, he helped us to revise the translation.
- The schoolmaster Mr. Yang Bao-lin and the accountant of our Education Area Mr. Guan Zhao-xin who gave up much rest time to support our project
- All interviewees such as the lama in Shama Temple and the parents of the students, they welcomed us warmly and supported us without any reservation
- All the people who have helped us.


Pu Cheng
Shan Jian-lin
Niu Dang-zhi
Joy Tree


Cheng Pu
Nationality: Tibetan
Age: 26
Teacher of Westland School
Hobby: Reading, Climbing Mountains
Role In The Team: Organizer
Dream: Every child could receive real education:
Email: pc59159@sina.com

My Sound BIte

If someone asks me what the best thing I have got in 2006 is, I would reply without any hesitation, the answer is to participate in the competition of Cyber Fair. In these 4 months when we prepare to the competition, I touched so many things that I ignored before - the richness of Huarui culture, the efforts and passion of the students, the help from all neighbors and Yellow Sheep River Project.

There is no traditional gap between the teacher and students in our team. We communicate and discuss without any constrain. I really admire the children's will and aptitude. We solved many problems happened depend on their living experience. I always find unity and passion in the team.

The result is not very important to me (But at the same time I want to give a positive proof to the students), I have got a lot from the process.

This is just life, you don't need to care too much about the result, the more important thing is if you have got the scenery in your way.

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