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      Project Narrative

      School:XiDatan Middle School Tianzhu county Gansu province China

      Headmaster:Yang Baolin

      Address:XiDatan town Tianzhu county Wuwei Gansu province of China

      Teachers:Yan Changrong   Zhu Zhaonian

      Students:Xue Shirong  Wu Junlai  Ha Yangji They are 13-14 yeras old.


      School Website: http://gs000061.edu.17888.com

      The general plan:

      Our place is the xiama, part of the Tibet area including other town and county. we take the xidatan as the basis and point.

      Our description:

      In our life area, there are different people and habbit and other culture. Our work is mainly on the marriage, culture and welcome, showing the magic xiama to the world about its unique and deep culture..

Our internet: telephone 1M wideband.

      The difficulties we meet and overcome

      1)     lack of experience 2 lack of sufficient fund. 3 tight time and taking the leisure time.



      Where there is a will, there is a way.


      The key problems:

      The purpose and principle:

      This research will lead the school to change the learning way, providing the full development to the students. Our research itself is the process, the research will be the project to our school.

      We use the telephone TV DV and camera, scanner, software, books, newspaper, survey interview to finish our research.

      We use DV and camera to record the time, get the first hand material through the material, computer software, and interview.

      We take the school internet resource, computer and camera.

      We get the donation from shanghai society research house.

      The most valuable tool is the camera and computer.

      Computer tech is most valuable in the speed and search.

       The students attending this tasks is in charge of introducing the area to the world, pls explain how do you work in this way?

       In order to finish the plan, we interview plenty of the farmers and area. all the farmers are very interested in the activity, and giving the cooperation and support. they said: as long as we can show the homeland, and let the xiama go to the world, promoting the local development.

      Impact and influence

      Our plan is to dig the local source to the world, and the more about the xiaya people. They all aware that there word and action is the part of their local culture. They are proud of their homeland culture. In the long term, people culture experience the communication.

      Our theme get the support from all people, they all happy for it. Their communication are more and more closer, nankai university and xibei teacher school once explore our webpage, and then introduce to the students and friends.

      Finding, lesson and surprising

      Through our themed research, we find the culture is wide and deep. But many culture is hidden in the forest waiting us to dig it. In the future we will try to focus on the culture for big contribution to the culture.

      Contribution ratio


Staff involved




1)     interview

2)     photo taking and editing

3)     recording

4)     writing

5)     deciding the outline

6)     filling the schedule

7)     collecting the details



1)     holding the meeting

2)     analysis the details

3)     direct and inspect

4)     deciding the name and plan

5)     assisting on the computer

6)     finishing the final work.



1)     connecting the interviewee

2)     supervise the plan



Providing the data







      Memo: http://www.westchinastory.com



XiDatan Middle School Tianzhu county Gansu province China

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