Since our group building, we interview the local scholar, search the book. Our hongshan culture is coming.

Note: as the description of sunguoliang, guozixuan as the leader, we use the weekend to visit museum. This three pictures are provided from them.

Hongshan culture is from hongshan, which is located at the northeast of chifeng in inner Mongolia, 6 miles away from the city. The highest one 700 meters, from north to south. Hongshan, meaning red mountain, the whole is red color mainly because the red brick. We know it is the meaning of chifeng city.



In the long time river, we find some relic. With the founding of the china, there are plenty relic found. All the relic is original, simple, easy and complicated.

  Several thousand years before, the ancestors living on the upper river, creating the shining ancient culture. At that time it is mainly on the farming, and the fishing and hunting. It has the artwork and all kinds of the production tool. It shows that the culture can be traced up to 5000-6000 years.
Culture is the common wealth, from knowing ancestors, we are so proud of them.
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