Development process
Hi, I am guozixuan, in the process of making the webpage. I am knowing the development process. Through the visiting, we get the material of it, so it can show the development process. In the scale of hongshan culture, there are many types, shows the hongshan culture. What we start to know it
1) qianjinying type, 10000 years before
2) xinglongwa type 6000-7000 years before
3) zhaobaogou type, 6200—6800 years before
4) hongshan later type 5000-6000 years before
5) dongshanzui type 5000 years before
6) fuhe type 5000 years before
7) xiaoheyan type 4500 years before in the development of hongshan culture, all the culture has the characters, in the development.
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