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     The Shizuishan eighth middle school constructed in 1978. The school has 36 instructors classes, in school student 2166 people, teaching and administrative staff 120 people. Specially appointed teacher 112 people, undergraduate course 90 people, on-the-job graduate student 2 people, senior teacher 26 people, autonomous district level backbone teacher 5 people, municipal backbone teacher 19 people.
    The school has a unity, practical, the innovation management and Germany high, studies abundantly, industry the fine teacher community. The school comprehensive implementation education for all-around development, insisted that “humanist, sets up the school, the scientific research by Germany to be popular teaches, the quality strong school, the characteristic are popular the school” the school objective, the construction promotes the student full scale development appraisal system and the method. The famous teacher project's implementation, enhances teacher's teacher's ethics unceasingly horizontal and the overall quality.
    The campus cultural reconstruction promoted the harmonious campus construction, the Parents' school activity to strengthen the school and the family, society's relation, the social practice base activity for the student understood that the society, increased knowledge, receives the education to build the platform, the teaching opening date activity further promoted the teacher specialization development, the language “6132” the project implementation, has promoted student's cultural accomplishment.
    English characteristic school's foundation raised the school benefit. The school by has this school characteristic campus foundation civilization construction “6789” the project, “the student quality to develop 40 compared to” and so on activities, strengthens to student's standard education, the etiquette education, the good faith education, the traditional virtue education, obeys the gauge in the school student to maintain discipline positively, enterprising, formed the strong school tradition, rigorous to teach the wind and the civilized school spirit, promoted the education quality of teaching remarkable enhancement.
    In 2008, the teacher paper attains municipal above rewards 7 people, the information technology prize autonomous district level 5 people, the teaching design attains the field grade to reward 18 people, the high quality class attains municipal above rewards 14 people. In the entire district young teacher basic skills big game high quality class competition Chen Fengmei, Zhang Xin, Yang Ziping, Wang Shuqin, king equal teacher wins the first prize. Yang Ziping attends the national middle school fine arts high quality class competition on behalf of the autonomous region, wins the junior middle school group first prize; Wang Shuqin attends the national middle school politics high quality class competition on behalf of the autonomous region, wins the junior middle school group second prize; Zhang Xin attends the national middle school mathematics high quality class competition on behalf of the autonomous region, wins the junior middle school group first prize. Teaches in achievements in scientific research appraisal in the autonomous region ninth session, the school has tied the topic the municipal topic to win the first prize, the state-level topic, the autonomous region topic wins the second prize and so on.
    The school pays great attention to develop student's individuality special skill, student's innovative spirit and the practical ability enhances unceasingly. Participates in the competition prize population to reach 113 people. Wins the state-level first prize, the second prize, the third prize English 16 people, the physical 20 people, the chemistry 6 people, the mathematics 9 people, the language 63 people; Wins the autonomous district level 12 third prizes the chemistry 43 people, the physical 30 people. The sound, the body, US attain municipal above reward 89 people, the information technology attain municipal above reward 29 people.
    The school is evaluated the national green school, the nation outstanding (demonstration) the Parents' school, the nation to implement double qualified the school sports work rule outstanding school, the nation advanced Basic-level labor union to organize, the entire district educational system teacher's ethics construction year activity advanced group, the autonomous region Cultured and civilized work unit, the autonomous region government education unreasonable service Advanced unit, the autonomous region elementary and middle schools collated and corrected copy training advanced group, the autonomous region health Advanced unit, the entire district art education work outstanding school, the autonomous region suppressing drug advanced group, the autonomous region maintains successively the communist party member advanced sex education activity advanced group, the Shizuishan model collective, the whole city governs legally the demonstration unit and so on.


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