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Huang Heqing Guide National Wetland Park


  Huang Heqing Guide National Wetland Park

  Guide County is in Qinghai Province of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, between the Longyang Gorge and Lijia Gorge which located in the upper reach of Yellow River, the clear and crystal Yellow River running through the county in recent years attracted many tourists from home and abroad. The government office is in Heyin Town, 114 km from the provincial capital Xining, and 158 km from the capital town Qiabuqia of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Topographic position

  Huang Heqing Guide Wetland Park is located in the Loess Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau transition zone, geological structure, belonging to Qi Kun Qin Xinsheng on behalf of faulted basin. West to east the Yellow River was bow through Guide County mid, immigration at the elevation of 2386m, 2168m exit elevation difference, both 281m, the wetland park the low-lying West High East low. Because the river cutting and scouring action, park formed rivers ( East, West, Yin ) River Basin, in its unique geographic and natural environment, forming a spectacular erosion landform and topography of Danxia, hill, water, forest, add radiance and beauty to each other, form a beautiful natural landscape. The Yellow River water is limpid, with Silver Lake as the center of the Huang Heqing wetland park wetland area in 2775hm2, the Yellow River beach folder area of 382 Hm2, 1093 hm2 water, it and the the Yellow River River Basin in the distribution of forest Guide constitute a integrated ecological system in the Yellow River River basin.

   Huang Heqing Guide National Wetland Park

Species richness  

Huang Heqing Guide wetland park the habitat of many aquatic animal, fish are carp, crucian carp fish, whitefish, cotton, naked carp, catfish, including breeding fish crabs. In addition there are many waterfowl and migratory birds, common birds have ruddy Shelduck, egrets, wild mandarin ducks, cormorants, spring and summer season, there is often a swan, the red-crowned crane, wild goose flocks to visit, rivers of shrubs in the habitat of the magpies, eagle, cuckoo, pheasant, dove, ducks, owl, crow, partridge, lark lark sparrow,, tits, etc.; mammals mainly on rabbit, otter, lynx, red fox, fox, weasel, beaver, otter, phenol rat; reptiles, mainly snakes, frogs, lizards, toads and. Aquatic plants with a large area of reeds and cattails mainly. Huang Heqing Wetland Park in the growth of a wide variety of plants, a Cathay poplar, seabuckthorn, tamarisk, Myricaria, Caragana, medlar, Berberis, Pu Rong grass.

The five theme

The five topic is the five subject scenic areas : one is the Silver Lake wetland ecological demonstration area. With the lake swamp and river wetland landscape park, wetland ecological system in the core region, mainly to visitors wetland ecosystem wetland formation, development process and evolvement process, so that visitors understand the wetland, wetland, wetland protection consciousness of excitation. Two are black, leisure experience zone. Including sandbanks camping areas, open-air bathing beach and the high standard of fishing base, mainly to carry out camping, survival training and other fashion tourism projects and beach volleyball, beach soccer, sand and other leisure sports. Three is the cliff agriculture sightseeing area, set production, touring as one, land use layout, landscape art, build farming and tourism combination of scenic areas. Four is the riverside landscape forest recreation area. Mainly for recreational, Ecological Resort, foresight and forest aerobic exercise. Huang Heqing is the five ecological plant park. To gore and the platoon to Ping Shan Road as the main line, along the node type development, pay attention to the protection and health education, build each theme park, the visitors. To build a set of ecological protection, green tourism as one of the ecological park、

Management system

Huang Heqing wetland park construction and management, must be done according to the law, administration according to law. According to the wetland protection regulations in Qinghai province and the departments in charge of industry park development and construction of related documents and instructions, combined with the specific situation of the park, the park management approach.



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