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 According to the materials we have searched for, the wetland in Guide reach of the Yellow River was formed in 1986 after the interception and water retaining of the Longyang Gorge hydropower station. It was a wetland ecological area with the Yellow River west-east running through, covering the areas from towns of Nina, Hexi, Heyin, Hedong and Ashigong village to the upper entrance of Lijia Gorge reservoir. Totally there were 5548 hectares wetlands in the county, of which the Yellow River beach and beach wetlands on both side of banks cover 2657 hectare, lake wetlands 160 hectares, marsh wetlands 675 hectares, while the forests and bushes along the banks of Yellow River cover 2056 hectares.

 Guide wetland eco-tourism resort positioned itself being of functions consisted of scenery sightseeing, wetland recreation, ecological-indulgence health preservation, science travel, water sports, travel distribution and comprehensive travelling services. Consequently, the Yellow River wetland was divided into many function-oriented resorts such as Guide Comprehensive Reception Center located in Heyin town, Yellow River Cultural Tourist District located in Hexi, Nina Water Tourism and Recreation Area, Qianzi Lake Wetland Specialties Resort and Ashigong Beautiful Scenery Resort.
And the infrastructure projects included periphery transportation, internal roads, pontoon bridges, water planks, electric power and telecommunication facilities, wetland ecological protection and cultivation, the Yellow River wetland science museum, Guide Yellow River wetland monitoring station, sight-seeing pavilions and so on.
The detailed construction projects in the five functional resorts are as follow. (A) In Guide Comprehensive Reception Center, the five key construction projects were traveler distribution center, streamside recreational street, plateau feeling Leisure Street, reception services facilities construction, as well as the repairing and restoring the historical and cultural heritage. Put them in the as much as detail, firstly, in the traveler distribution center, there have been conducted the constructions of gate, parking, commute bus stations, traveler distribution center building and the travel cultural square. Secondly, streamside sight-seeing corridors and pavilions, the seashore park and the first tourism theater in Qinghai province have been built along the streamside recreational street. Thirdly, in the plateau feeling Leisure Street, the tourists’ recreational styles and contents were full of the western customs. Fourthly, a five star hotel and a group of tourism restaurants full of local characteristics have been built for better reception and service. Finally, in terms of repairing and restoring the historical and cultural heritage, high attention was paid to the restoring of the ancient architectures like Guide Ancient Town, Emperor of Heaven's Pavilion and Pearl Temple, strengthening the excavation and development of the profound and splendid Tibetan culture, and building Tibetan cultural Museum.
(B) In Hexi Yellow River Cultural Tourist District, there would be conducted the infrastructure constructions of roads, tourism parking, second-level tourism service center, electric power and telecommunication facilities as well as the Yellow River green belt etc..
(C) In Nina Water Tourism and Recreation Area, there would be strengthened the infrastructure constructions of roads, drifting dock, boating dock, the cultivation and protection of the Yellow River ecology, and built a manor-style fishing “village” nearby the water, in which green and delicious food could be tasted such as various of fresh water fishes.
(D) In Qianzi Lake Wetland Specialties Resort, there would be built infrastructure projects like roads, path, plank road around the lake wetland, tourism parking, tourism reception center, boating dock, electric power and telecommunication facilities, the cultivation and protection of Qianzi Lake ecology and so on. The target customers were the whole family units, for which a parenting water park was to be built consisting of family type boating, electric boating for children, slide, water bumper boats and others. On a mountain villa enjoying wonderful scenery, its highlight part was a small-sized holiday villa, and was well-prepared with the holiday facilities like swimming pool and sunbathing area. Along the periphery of Qianzi Lake, a leisure villa and a particular restaurant was built to offer delicious food, sight-seeing and recreational pleasure for the locals and other tourists. Besides, some viewing pavilions and plank roads were built.
(E) In Ashigong Beautiful Scenery Resort, several deluxe cruise ships would be purchased to launch the water sports and games. Meanwhile, took the advantages of the local complicated and diversified landform, to construct Ashigong orientation movement base, outdoor expansion training camp and the other projects of local characteristics.
At present, the advantaged Yellow River wetland resources, the Yellow River Forest Park and Yellow River wetlands have been made good use to build the Yellow River Wetland Park. It centered the 144,000 acres Qianzi Lake that covering 48% of the whole area, expanding to all directions, with Ashigong village on the east, 28 km away from the Laxiwa hydropower station on the west, Xijiu highway on the south and Yuanningguo highway on the north, the average width between the latter two is 2.1 km.       。
The construction of Guide Yellow River wetland ecological tourist district and the Yellow River Wetland Park will become the first comprehensive tourism brand comprising of tourism, science research, environmental protection and recreational vacation, it will also become the new eyes-caching spot and new destination of the tourism in Qinghai province, playing an critical important role in completely improving the tourism quality that of Guide county and even the whole province.     

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