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  Team Introduction  
  Yang Meijuan


   I was a grade nine student. Participating in the web site contest has help me about preliminary knowledge of making web pages. Though I have a computer, I have no idea about making web pages. Also I have learn how to surf on net which I can't use at home. I see the world through the network, see the? importance of network for modern society, and the importance to us, which is not only the window for our understanding of the world but also the tool for studying.


Zhang Jinzhu

  I am also an grade eight student. My name is Zhang Jinzhu , 15 years old. School study is pressure, so I only make free time to record paper work with team members. We created pictures with the help of teachers, such as zooming in the pictures, converting image formats and inserting pictures. I didn't spend too much time, but I learned a lot.


Gu Xizhu

  My name is Gu Xizhu, 15 years old, Grade Eight. I really enjoy playing computer games. And whenTeacher asked me to participate in the contest, I was very happy. I stayed around her and learned web site creating from classmate Yang Meijuan. I went to teachers from time to time when recording. I learned a lot in more than a month.  
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