Sichuan and Tibet economy ancient channel

The nationality fuses cultural corridor

The historical testimony of Tibet and the Han nationality¡¯s friendship

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    In the long history, among the ranges of Hengduan Mountains and cliffs, there is a secret road go through the Erlang Mountain from Tianquan connecting with Kangding. This ancient road is zigzagging pointing to the afar¡­¡­.
    This is the ancient road, between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and inland, the highest and the most dangerous and civilization¡¯s road, spreading the high culture road, totally manmade, carrying the rich histories and moving story.
    Once the carrier sent the tea to the Tibet and then sends back the mountain products to the inland along the rugged road.
    The ancient tea-and-horse trade road origins Tibet and the Han nationality¡¯s trade from the Tang and Song Dynasty. It is a trade from tea and horse. In Song Dynasty, it set the office to regulate in Tianquan Sichuan and so on.
    The tea-and-horse trade prospered ancient times¡¯ western culture and economy. But today it is covered by the modern roads, only the forests cover there. We can hardly see Where it is and what the branch is? All the questions seemed confusing. Looks like the too numerous to cite individually historical traces to be the same. We only feel the past magnificent from fable and green stone covered with moss.
    Today, we want to search the ancient road listening those hard story and then on the history of the ancient tea-and-horse trade road in Tianquan,Sichuan. ¡­¡­