At 6:50 in the morning, I was too excited to sleep when thinking about the visit to the Scripture Crag for Happiness. I started off at 7:30 with curiosity and expectations. The bus was not come until 8:30. I got on it and saw Teacher Ma and my four classmates on it. They all smiled at me when they saw me. The classmate living near the Scripture Crag for Happiness was telling us something interesting on our way there. We arrived at Dongqing at 9 o’clock. We didn’t hurry to our destination which called “Jia’s Cave” by local people, but to went to Dongqing Primary School. We asked Teacher Li to be our guide in the afternoon. Teacher Li was very friendly and took some snacks for us. He told us something about local situation on our way there.

    Looking for name plates on our way

We were talking and smiling all the way. The scenery was so beautiful that we could not stop taking photos with our cameras, cellphones and camcorders. We could see trees, grass and busy farmers all the way. We five students and Teacher Ma took photos at the road sign of “Welcome to Scripture Crag for Happiness”. Suddenly, we heard jolly laughter and found three women teachers picking wild persimmons. We joined them excitedly. When I tasted one, I was overwhelmed by its terrible taste and regretted for my imprudence.

    Looking for name plates on our way

We continued and saw an old man tilling the land with an ox. How amazing that the ox was so obedient under the old man’s command of “Wa-Lai-Wa-Lai”. We walked on, laughing and imitating the command, and said that one who turned around would be an ox. Finally a boy turned around, and we all laughed at him but he was not angry at all. We were laughing and chasing each other happily. Then we saw a plate, on which it wrote “Tasting Calligraphic Art, Enjoying Scripture Crag for Happiness” and “Grand Cave Lifting the Sun”. The classmate who came here a week before told us that we would be there when we saw the next plate. Although Jia’s Cave was one kilometer away, we were soon there before we realized it.

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   Sichuan Cangxi Vocational high school