Name: Ma Hong-kai
Position: computer teacher
Role: The technical support person who was responsible for uploading content to the website.
Comment: It should be said that the activity like this is not only a way to train and educate students, but a way to enlighten educational modes.

Name: Ma Xu
Major: computer
Role: Reporter going out for interviews, who was responsible for sorting and collecting data and making web pages.
Comment: Do not bend your head and shed tears. Raise your head by yourself and never count on others.
Name: Deng Xin
Major: computer
Role: Person responsible for collecting and sorting data
Comment: Only in activities can we find our shortcomings, and only by studying and exploring can we make progress in subject study.
Name: Yang Huan
Major: computer
Role: Reporter going out for interviews
Comment: Achievements are created by ourselves. I develop a sense of accomplishment when I do something good for my group.
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The hard course of project research
The origin of project
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   Sichuan Cangxi Vocational high school