The categories of tools
Tools refer to the agricultural production process which farmers engaged in changing the device object of labor. Cangxi agriculture has a long history with rich and colorful tools. Different tools have their application range and limitation. The tools are divided into five categories.

The tools for plowing
The aim of preparing the land is to create good soil conditions for sowing, and generally including ground, crushing and preparing. From the experience of the hoe to plough, and then to the development process of mechanization. Because Cangxi is located in mountainous areas, so large machinery can not enter, many regions still take the original cattle as the way of arable land force.

The fools for sowing
Sowing was completed by people before without tools, due to the long time bending, it is easy to cause the lumbago. Now transplanting machine and automatic seeding machine are used, the efficiency is greatly raised, and they are planted uniformly.

Harvesting tools
Harvesting tools are including harvesting, threshing, cleaning appliances. Traditional harvesting equipments are including harvest sickle, stems scimitar etc. Rice bucket is the main threshing tool. The manual windmill is the main cleaning tool. Now the combine is used which contains harvesting, threshing and cleaning, it can finish the three processes in one time, the efficiency increased by twenty times.

Shoulder pole, basket, back pocket is the main traditional transportation tool in rural, the tools can take a few things every time and laborious. In recent years, due to the rural highway has been improved, the vast majority of people used the car as the main transportation, car transport capacity has great growth, fast and effortless. The main types of transportation contain small trucks, tractor tricycle, pickup trucks etc.

The tools for food processing
The tools include food processing tool and vegetables tool two kinds. The food processing tool is developed from the ancient stone pestle and mortar, the stone mill is divided with hand grinding and grinding points, hand grinding is depend on the hand to rotate, grinding is generally driven by cattle. Now the tools with all kinds of functions are used such as: refined rice machine, pressure machine, grinding machine, they are functioned with gasoline engine or motor.