Dacai Middle School Songhua Middle School
  ¡õ Progress Report

In west China, except for textbook,children have no other books such as reference books, extra-curriculum reading material, newspaper and magazines. The insufficient books in the small reading room are regarded as treasures and handed on by the children with desire in eyes to learn the wonderful world of outside and obtain various kinds of knowledge by books

Let¡¯s find out the old books and send them to these children. The books will bring the children hopes with our love.
Let's all cooperate to carry out the plan of Public Reading Room to satisfy their desire for knowledge.

Please just check out your bookcase for old books. You can do great help to a school by only donating a few of them that may conclude everything suitable for the children.

The grand Town and Talent project, drawing great attention of all walks of life from home and abroad, aims to transform the agricultural regions to information communities involving seven phases. Based on the schools, the initiators of the regions, the project is to promote the local economy and change the poor condition completely. Currently, in 15 western regions, Town and Talent has had 145 member schools which are mainly located in rather poor villages and lack in teaching equipments. With the principle of caring for the west, we have carried out training, teaching aids, student financing and other big projects for the member schools for nearly one hundred times. Recently, we are planning to help 5 member schools to establish public reading rooms, expecting a collection of 10,000 books for each of them at the first step. Your donation may change the lives of these children.

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ô If you would like to donate books to these schools, please do as follows:

1¡¢Choose one school from Dacai Middle School in Qing Hai, Xidatan Middle in Gan Su School, Yangugozhen Middle School in Shaanxi and Zhangyi Middle School in Ning Xia .
2¡¢Mail the books directly to the school. If there is any question please call the school or us.
3¡¢Please send us a list of your donation for publicizing the progress.

Tel£º022-58690077 Ext: 8110
Person Getting in Touch with£ºMiss Li

4¡¢After receiving the books, Town and Talent will sent you an email informing the details
5¡¢Your name and the detail of donation will be publicized in the column of ¡® The Progress of the Book Donation¡¯ on http://www.yellowsheepriver.com

¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡ô One book donated, your love presented.Lifting a finger may change the ideas of one child¡¯s life£¡

Dacai Middle Schoois a township level middle school, located at the Dacai Village of Hui Township in Qing hai, with an average elevation of more than 2,657 meters Details
Songhua Middle Schoolis a ordinary rural school,located at the Songhua township of Puyang County,Chengdu City in Sichuang Province.School is hedged in by hills, situated on a quiet riverbank. Details

Zhangyi Middle Schoolis located 30 km to the southwest Yuanzhou District in the Guyuan City of Ningxia, where conditions are rough, economic development is slow and natural calamity is incessant and numerous. It is one of Guyuan¡¯s poorest village Details
Xidatan Middle Schoolis a Tibetan Middle School£¬located at the Xidatan Township of Tianzhu Tibetan autonomous counties in Gansu, where conditions are rough.Schoolhouses are bungalows made of wood and brick Details
Yangguozhen Middle Schoolis located at the Weinan City of Shaanxi.The school currently has 13 classes and 1089 students.There are 55 teaching staff.There is currently a severe shortage of teachers,studying and living conditions are very hard. Detail