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The Town and Talent's e-Charity platform is Internet-based. The entire donation process is transparent to all parties at all time. You will be able to contact and dialogue with the individual students if you choose to. Detail

Funds Application(Chu We yan)
Tianzhou First Middle School
Funds Application(Liu Xinchun)
Lanzhou Eighth Middle School
Funds Application(Guo Yanjun)
Lanzhou Eighth Middle School
Funds Application(Bai Yunhan)
Lanzhou Eighth Middle School
Funds Application(Wang Kaijian)
Lanzhou Eighth Middle School
Funds Application(Ma Yulong)
Lanzhou Eighth Middle School
Funds Application(He Peng)
Tianzhou First Middle School
Funds Application(Yan Weiyun)
Tianzhou First Middle School


Book Donation
Personal Photographic Collections Sales for Helping the Poor Students of West China

Moving stories about needy children and kind people who caring about them.
Bounding for Home
a Basketball
A Call from a Boy in Xidatan
Coming to Yellow Sheep River(5)
A Letter from Father to His Son
Hu Wanlong and Town and Talent

Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center Visits Member Schools in Qinghai
Dr. Zhuang Visits 6 TTT Member Schools in Qinghai and Shanxi
Miss Gu Visits 5 TTT Member School in Qinghai and Gansu
The Startup of New TTT Member Schools Holds in Qinghai
Winner list of International Schools CyberFair 2008 -TTT member schools: two platinum prizes, four golden, six silver and 19 honorable prizes
Nanjiang & Xiasi Kids: hand in hand

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