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Dr. Zhuang Visits 6 TTT Member Schools in Qinghai and Shanxi

From Jun 12 to 26 in 2008, Prof. Zhuang Dadao in Gonzaga University visited 6 TTT member schools in Qinghai and Shanxi Provinces. The six member schools are Dacai Middle School, Huangzhong Vocational Middle School, Huangjiazhai Center School, Huangyuan No. 3 Middle School, Yangguo Middle School, and Ganyou Middle School. At the same time, Zhuang presented in the startup of í░2008 New TTT Member Schoolsí▒ in Xining City on Jun 13, 2008. He gave speech titled global digital system.

Zhuang is vice professor in Gonzaga University, whose major is digital communication. He hopes to do research in TTT projects, aiming at studying poverty assistance in China mainland. Ití»s supposed the study can be promoted in other impoverished area in the world. In visiting member schools, he got to learn the implementation and effect of TTT projects, schoolí»s expectation and real situation. Local teachers and principals introduced the influence of TTT projects and difficulties available. Zhuang also visited dining hall, studentsí» dormitories, and studentsí» families.

According to the visit, Zhuang hopes that TTT projects can be available to more people. Everyone can do something to help schools in impoverished areas. Zhuang has donated as much as 9100 yuan to needy students. After Wenchuan earthquake, he donated 4500 yuan for campus reconstruction.



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