Mr.Richard Ma
Centre for Information Network Project Research
Dr. Kenny Lin
Mr. Mak Zhou
Worldwide Business System Group
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Mr. Sun Yue
Institute of Supply Chain Management
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West china story
The West China Story Project is to encourage students to observe customs in their hometown and interview local people in spare time, and then make these stories into web pages
Xi'datan Middle School,Selection I  
Stories about Hu Wanlong
As Hu Wanlong was in Tianjin for business trip, we managed to make him squeezed time from his busy schedule to accept our interview. I am always moved by Hu's stories happened in recent years and I'd like to share them with you.
Hu Wanlong and Town and Talent -14/10/2005 Hu and Yellow Sheep River -14/10/2005
Hu and his students -14/10/2005 Hu and West Talents for the East -14/10/2005
Changes and the future-14/10/2005  

Yibo Column
A Call from a Boy in Xidatan -25/02/2006  
How Many Enterprises Would Like to Be the Benefactors? -04/02/2006  
Professor Jianming Zhou
Professor Jianming Zhou,director of the Pacific Research School of Shanghai Academy Social Sciences,a adviser of Town & Talent Technologies, went round Huangyangchuan in Gansu and Yangguozhen in Shaanxi on July,2005. He provides new ideas for the development of Town & Talent Project.
Coming to Yellow Sheep River (1) -31/10/2005 Coming to Yellow Sheep River (3) -31/10/2005
Coming to Yellow Sheep River (2) -31/10/2005 Coming to Yellow Sheep River (4) -31/10/2005
Coming to Yellow Sheep River (5) -31/10/2005 Coming to Yellow Sheep River (6) -31/10/2005
Stories about Schools and Students
Bounding for Home-12/4/2006 A Basketball-28/9/2005
A Story about Bao Yulin-15/9/2005
Talents Mobilization from West to East
Western China boasts a large labor force which could potentially meet the corresponding great demand for labor in large enterprises in other highly developed regions.Through local digital center and participating member schools, Town and Talent Technologies recruits employees for businesses.Applicants are mainy graduates from vocational middle schools,junior high schools and senior high schools.
A Letter from Father to His Son-01/01/2006
Mr. Yisu Zhou
Those Young Men in the Blues-09/09/2005

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