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A Letter from Father to His Son

Dear Shanzi,

I have received your letter. I hope you are leading a happy life and get along smoothly in your work. It has been more than 7 months since you left. I don't know if you miss everything at home, and neither do I know how much suffering and hardship you have undergone and I am not willing to imagine my little son's toilsome look as you are working. At the day you got on the train and left, you mother could not stop weeping. Thinking of the kids of your age studying in school but you begin to work, we feel brokenhearted.

My son, ever since you left, I miss you so much that I dream of you, your little body, innocent face and piquancy nearly every night.
After you got to Guangdong, you mother and I have always been worried about your life there, the danger of your being tempted and your innocence taken advantage of by bad persons and the challenges of the colorful world.

In May, you sent us money and we were not worried that much. We thought our son had grown up and could handle his life. However, it hasn't lasted a long time. You haven't sent us money for 3 months and have made fewer phone calls.We begin to be worried again. Here I want to point out it is not just because of the money. You said you would send money although you bought a mobile phone with one month income, but we have waited for 3 months and there are no calls. How can we not be worried? I feel very happy that you tell me what you are thinking about in your last letter. But I have to warn you that you should practice what you preach. Believe me, you will benefit from it.

You have done very well in filial respect. You are a good boy and dutiful son. We feel very honored and proud. Hope you carry on.
Everything is good for grandfather and he has not felt painful in his leg recently. As for herding the sheep, it is out of having nothing to do. Now it becomes cold and your grandpa does not herd sheep. You do not need to be worried about this anymore. Your grandpa is very glad for your consideration and feels proud when talking about you with other people.

I think something is wrong with you thought and what you do in aspect of spending. It is appropriate that you do not want to lose face before others.But you are not allowed to spend without any restricts for you earn not too much. I hope you can save some money out of retrenching so that you can give financial help to your brother's schooling and our family. And it is honorable, isn't it?

I am glad that you have improved interpersonal ability as you told me you met a girl from Sichuan. I appreciate that she gave you lots of help. You sent us her picture, but we don't know what you mean. In next letter, please explain that. But I warn you'd better give up the idea of loving relationship because of your age difference. You are too young to consider that, but as for friendship I do not disagree and I hope you can help each other. Shanzi, I do not want to say too much about this and expect a satisfactory result.
I have too much to say, my son, but that is all for this letter. I hope when you come back, you are a handsome and strong good boy.

Best Wishes



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