Mr.Richard Ma
Centre for Information Network Project Research
Dr. Kenny Lin
Mr. Mak Zhou
Worldwide Business System Group
Mrs. Lin
Mr. Sun Yue
Institute of Supply Chain Management
Ms. Rosssana
How the West Was Wired 09-11-2008
Dr. Zhuang Visits 6 TTT Member Schools in Qinghai and Shanxi 06-23-2008
Dr. Zhuang Visits 6 TTT Member Schools in Qinghai and Shanxi 06-23-2008
Miss Gu Visits 5 TTT Member School in Qinghai and Gansu 06-23-2008
The Startup of í░New TTT Member Schoolsí▒ Holds in Qinghai 06-18-2008
Winner list of International Schools CyberFair 2008 -TTT member schools: two platinum prizes, four golden, six silver and 19 honorable prizes 05-28-2008
Nanjiang & Xiasi Kids: hand in hand 05-27-2008
TTT Visits Ningxia Member School and Successfully Holds Remote Employment Ceremony 04-07-2008
American Journalists Promote International Friendship - Italian and Chinese Students Make Pen friends 02-14-2008
Boundless love care - American journalists help needy students in China West 01-25-2008
TTT Remote Employment Starts 03-11-2008
TTT in the Eyes of a Western Teacher 01-28-2008
Western Education Forum Holds in YSRICC 01-25-2008
Forum held by TTT member schools 01-15-2008
2007 Principals Assembly 12-21-2007
PESI Visits Longtan Middle School 10-11-2007
XASEF Visits TTT Member Schools in Gansu and Qinghai 09-26-2007
USA Journalists Visit TTT Member Schools 09-26-2007
ESWF Volunteers Teach in Xi'datan Middle School 08-30-2007
Travel with Love 08-30-2007
Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center Visits Member Schools in Qinghai 08-27-2007
PESI Holds English Training in Tianzhu and Wuwei 08-09-2007
Start the Journey of Hope-TJU Postgraduates Visit Badaogou Middle School 07-30-2007
Member Schools Win 1Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Honorable Prizes in 2007 CyberFair 05-29-2007
The Startup of "Distance Employment?Holds in Qinghai Province 05-28-2007
alumni visit Yellowsheepriver to honour the memory of Mr.Sayling Wen 07-25-2006
Taiwan Baohua Media Takes Views for Film in Yellow Sheep River 07-18-2006
Worldwide Business System Group Comes to Huangyangchuan 07-17-2006
The Schneiderí»s One Day in Yellow Sheep River 07-05-2006
Clothes donated to schools in Gulang 06-30-2006
Professional Education Systems Institute Provides English training in Tianzhu County Gansu 05-30-2006
Western schools from Chinese mainland claim three silver awards in International Schools Cyber Fair competition 05-19-2006
Benefactors from Beijing University visited Touzha Middle School 05-09-2006
First Five schools from Chinese Mainland Take Part in International Schools Cyber Fair 04-28-2006
Springtime sale of work finished 04-25-2006
Make a donation to build dormitory 04-18-2006
The member schools respond to the plan Planting Trees and Nurturing Students 04-17-2006
Foundation of the dorm laid and the bicycles donation held in Dacai Middle School 04-12-2006
Bicycle Donation Ceremonies Were Held 03-28-2006
Money for Traveling Allocated in Promoting Activity for Talents Mobilization from West to East
100 Bicycles Are Donated to Member Schools
Mr. Zeng Songzhu Visited Member Schools
Mr. Zeng Songzhu in Qinglin Village Tu Nationality Middle School
News program Wang Daohan and Town and Talent broadcast in CCTV4
Mr. Wang Daohan and Town and Talent
The Fourth Principal Assembly was Held
Sale of Work Raising 170,000 RMB for Western Students --Banquet for Sale of Work
The Second Anniversary Commemoration for Mr.Sayling Wen Held in Yellow Sheep River
Offer Help or Subsidies to Needy Students

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