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Miss Gu Visits 5 TTT Member School in Qinghai and Gansu

From Jun 21 to 26, 2008, Miss Gu Junmei and Jianglong , famous VJ of Taiwan, visited five TTT member schools in Qinghai and Gansu Provinces. The member schools are Huangzhong Vocational Middle School, Dacai Middle School, Xidatan Middle School, Yellow Sheep River Vocational School and Libaijia Primary School.

The purpose of visit is to learn the implementation and effect of TTT projects, schools expectation and real situation. Gu communicated with teachers in each member school. They also visited schools in Baiyin and Wuwei districts.

According to the visit, Gu hopes that TTT projects can be available to more people. She would make TV programs about her visit and broadcast in Taiwan. Its supposed that more people will take part in TTT projects and help needy students in impoverished areas.



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