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A Call from a Boy in Xidatan

Several days ago, I received a call. It was a boy with Gulang accent.
May I speak to Yibo?
I am Yibo.
I want to have a talk with you.

his voice was quite serious. I thought we make some mistake in our work and also became serious.

Yes, please go ahead. Whats the problem?
I am Li Xingxiang from Xidatan Middle School. I just want to tell you that my grade comes top this term, and have you received the email I asked the computer teacher send to you? Oh, it rang the bell. It was in that day when Shenzhou IV manned spaceship successfully launched and Gulang had the first snow this winter we went to Xidatan Middle School in Tianzhu County to deliver the CEOs financing aid. The caller who is in 7th grade is one of the aid receivers.? The aid is established by Kenny Lin, CEO of Town and Talent company and aims at those all-round students from poor families. Only 350 yuan is enough for a students tuition and board and lodge of a term. That day nine students including Li Xingxiang received the aid of 3,150 yuan in total and I visited four families of them in snowing day. Every time after I visit those families, I will feel terribly miserable for several days. I even dont dare to see the parents tearing eyes and rough hands as they take the money. A couple of days after that, when I was told by my wife that her company spent 3,700 yuan entertaining their clients I erupted That is bad, that is bad 3,700 is far enough for 10 students a term.

In the past, I used to be proud of being lavish. Now I totally changed after working in Gulang for one year. I really hope more people think of those students who cant afford 350 yuan tuition when they are in the profuse banquet. I dont mean we should not entertain clients, but we should spend less money on that sort of thing. It wont lose face and prevents us from high blood pressure, high triglyceride and high cholesterol. Although we are not so rich to aid every poor people, at least we can spare money from a luxurious meal to support a poor student.



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