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As Hu Wanlong was in Tianjin for business trip, we managed to make him squeezed time from his busy schedule to accept our interview. I am always moved by Hu's stories happened in recent years and I'd like to share them with you.

Hu Wanglong is known by everyone who knows about Town and Talent project. He is very famous in the member schools and is called jack-of-all-trades in Yellow Sheep River. Led by the advocate of internet and fashion, people in Yellow Sheep River whose harvest relies on the climate began to keep up with the IT era.

Hu Wanlong and Town and Talent

Peng Haina Was Coming:

In the impoverished village, people get used to poverty and conservativeness. But one day a young man came from big city to teach, bringing changes to the place. This man is Peng Haina, a legendary role of Town and Talent project. Talking about Peng, Hu Wanlong has a big say. Because after Peng quitted the high salary job in the big city and came to the small village, they became colleagues---teachers in middle school. In Hu’s eyes, Peng had no stamp of big city, plain, quiet, wearing a pair of big glasses and simple sportswear. No one heard of complains from him no matter how hard the condition was. He worked from day to night with his beard even becoming longer and his face becoming tanned, looking like local people. Hu was touched by Peng. And his confidence in the future and later cooperation with Town and Talent were all originated from his respect to Peng. Hu learned a lot of things from Peng, but what moved him most was that time they visited students’ families. Yellow Sheep River was covered with snow that day. After they came back to their dorms, Peng’s sports shoes were all in wet and he was shivering because of coldness. But he just warmed himself before the stove, smiling and complaining nothing, as if he was born and grown up in Yellow Sheep River. It was out of Hu’s expectation that it was this man changed Yellow Sheep River and his life.

Dr. Lin Was Coming:

In 1998, there were only two 386 computers used for typing in village government. Few people there ever touched a computer. Peng already got used to the backward teaching environment, but he tried to improve it. He wrote to his former colleagues about the impoverishment there, persuading them to donate books to the students. After Dr. Kenny Lin, the latter and current CEO of Town and Talent read his letters, he was moved and decided to visit Yellow Sheep River in person. Hu was deeply impressed by Dr. Lin’s coming, care and determination of helping them shake off poverty.

Computers Were Coming:

After Lin came back to Tianjin, he decided to donate 2,500 yuan every month to make the lodging students have a meal with meat each day. Then Inventech donated 11 computers. Although these computers didn’t have good performance and were far from meeting the needs of the students, Hu and other local people saw hopes that miracle might come along. As expected, more computers got to Yellow Sheep River and IT engineers came to train. Town and Talent Technologies Co, Ltd that aimed to help change the western impoverishment was established. Yellow Sheep River also had it own website. It was no longer a quiet place.


Mr. Wen Was Coming and the International Convention Center Was Established:

The company continuously provided computers to the school and the students learned how to build a web. The website of Yellow Sheep River got links of more than 400 studentsí» works, which laid a good foundation for local internet popularity.

After visited Yellow Sheep River, Mr. Sayling Wen made the great plan of Internet Villages and decided to invest 5million us dollars in building a five star international convention center. In a short time, Yellow Sheep River became famous. At the same time, Hu was working hard at learning computer and teaching and actively participated in the activities of Town and Talent. His studentsí» good performance in the Web Building and SET(software, English and typing) Contests were partly attributed to him. Gradually, Hu was closely tied to Town and Talent. Four years have past, and Hu has become mature together with Town and Talent. What he has gained is not only the trust of the local people but also the improvement of living standard. More important is his dream is coming true and he is seizing his life and creating miracle.



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