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Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center Visits Member Schools in Qinghai

From Jul 21 to 27 of 2008, 17 representatives of Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center and Taiwan Shuinan Chuan¡¯ai Fund visited 9 member schools in Qinghai Province, including Qinglin Center School, Xishan Middle School, Qingshan Center Middle School, Dacai Middle School, Danma Middle School, Huangjiazhai Center School, Bayan Middle School, Shishan Center Middle School and Huangyuan No. 3 Middle School.


The representatives arrived at Datong County at 2 o¡¯clock in early morning. Regardless of tiredness, they went to school to hold activities at 8 o¡¯clock. The main gift they sent to local schools was their Personal Character Training Program, which aimed at producing students¡¯ confidence, friendship and cooperation spirit. The teachers came from Taiwan Pinge Schools. Professionals hold a training program for local teachers named ¡°how to stimulate students¡¯ desire for studying¡±. Besides, they hold conversation with local education officials, principals, teachers and students. They learned school and students¡¯ situation at first hand. What¡¯s more, Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center promised to offer scholarship, hot water, hot soup, winter clothes, English dictionary, and digital camera, amounted to 150,000 yuan. Taiwan Shuinan Chuan¡¯ai Fund promised to offer scholarship and digital camera to Huangyuan No. 3 Middle School, which amounted to 13,000 yuan. The entire donation would be realized through TTT e-charity platform.


The members of Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center and Taiwan Shuinan Chuan¡¯ai Fund came from far away to bring their love to children in impoverished mountain area of western China. They hope their effort could solve student¡¯s problems. In the conversation with students, Ms. Xiao and Mr. Tang, on behalf of Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center, promised to offer tuition fees for students and told them how to care others and cultivate good characteristics. Their visit was welcomed by each school¡¯s teachers and students, who were impressive by their deeds.


In Jul 22, the representatives visited Taiwan Affairs Office in Qinghai Province, where they were welcomed by Mr. Pan Tiemin, the director of Taiwan Affairs Office, Mr. Fan Yongjun and etc. the government officials thought highly of their care to Qinghai member schools. In Jul 25, Mr. Fan kept accompany with representatives from Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center to visit Shishan Center School and needy students¡¯ families.


In Jul 26, Dr. Kenny Lin, the CEO of Town and Talent Technologies, visited representatives from Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center in Yellow Sheep River International Conference Center. They shared the feeling of this visit and expressed their willing of cooperatation in the future.


This was the fifth visit of Taiwan Hualian Grow-up Center to Qinghai member schools. The total volume of donation has amounted to 840,000yuan.





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