Student Li Tao from Ninxiao was supported by Ms.Grace Wang

Student Information
Date of Birth
Li Tao
Grade 11
Taole first Middle School

Rank in Class

Reason for requesting funds :
I am a student in 11th grade, Class 2 of Taole No. 1 High School in Pingluo County, Shanxi Province where is a mountain area covered with thick loess. Raining rarely visits this place but once it rains flood will come by at the same time, flushing with loess. Since living in the valley, whenever the flood comes, we are in extreme danger and several donkeys have been whirled away. The flood brings disaster and despair.
Our family led a vagrant life before I was 4 years old when we moved to the unfamiliar Taole with the property of only a few of bed quilts. We had to lodge in other people¡¯s place and borrow grain ration. After several years of hard work, we got a few acres of farmland but they were all saline. To transform the land, the best method was to dilute with sand. In every morning of the winters of those years, my father, sister and brother and I worked on our farmland, like boat trackers along Volga River leaving sweat on every footprint. I once took part in the ¡®Young Pioneer Representatives Convention¡¯ in a city. Watching other children playing in the square wearing clean and new dress and playing joyfully, I felt terribly sad and depressed.
When my brother and sister entered high school, my parents¡¯ burden became heavier for the more tuition fee. To make us go on study, my parents work from dawn to night. I remember one day my mother left home at 6 am and came back at 9 pm with only 15 yuan which was for my sister¡¯s board wages of one week.
Because of poverty, my brother and sister perform differently from others. They pinch and scrape and study diligently.
Since studying very hard and being self-disciplined, I am awarded ¡®all-round student¡¯ every year. My father often said ¡®One may be poor but never ceased to be ambitious.¡¯ which always encourages me to strive on the path of changing our life. In Taole, it is extremely difficult for a family to support three students. I really feel gratified for my parents efforts of not making me quit school.
My father dose labor work in constructing site outside of home earning little amount of money. My father is 50 but looks like an old man over 60 and has many diseases. My mother alone not only dose all the house chores, cooking, washing, feeding the pig, etc, but heavy farm work and labor work like churning up concrete.
I really can not figure out why misfortunes prefer my family and feel it is very unfair. My grandfather had cancer this year and my father give up all the farm work and went back home town to see my grandpa. It was already terminal, but my father insisted on operation to reduce the pain. I could feel how filial my parents were. However, my grandpa had to leave hospital for the high expense after one month, and he died later. My parents felt very regretful about this.
After my brother entered college, the tuition fee is over 10,000 yuan each year, thus we have to pinch and screw. My sister and I have less board wages. In vacation, we try to do some work for compensating the next term¡¯s expense. My brother doesn¡¯t come home and works in vacation except for Spring Festival.
Although hard and bitter, I twist my way through the path of study and never give up. I believe I can change my life and get rid of impoverishment by means of study.
I believe there are many kindhearted persons are willing to offer their help. My family really appreciate that.?
Information about Donation
Benefactor: Mr.Grace Wang
Date of donation: 2006-10
Total funding received to date: £¤700
The funding uses for: room and board, miscellaneous fees such as books, and school supplies
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